Hill, birds and rocks

The title says it all. The pictures shall do the rest:




What a way to start the day! Hope you enjoy yours.

Btw. remember the spotted game? I think it’s time to play again! I got 3 tags in today, how many can you spot on your next adventure?

I couldn’t dig up my list so here is Paula’s summary and entry: https://neveradullbling.com/2016/07/15/spotted/


Today was a perfect morning for a run. The wind still and reflections on the water nearly as crisp as the morning air.


As I had decided to include more strength training, I wanted to run the stairs leading up my hill, or at least see how many I could run before facing a heart attack. Let’s just say there is loads of room for improvement! The view from the top of the stairs is worth it though:


When I got back down I was treated with spotting the ship behind the rock!


Today’s run reminded me of how far I’ve come and I thought about the book I am reading right now. “Running to the top” from Arthur Lydiard was my original inspiration for “becoming slowrunnergirl”. I had read it back when I started running again and his training plan just seemed so incredibly far away that I went to create my own “plan” in the hope of getting to his mentioned durations at least. “Speed will come with time, it is just a matter of running consistently and without injuries”. This is what I told myself back then and forgot all about it.

Now the year is ending and at the end of the year I wanted to make the decision if I run an ultra next year or not and I got back to read his book. I was blown away by the fact, that when I read his beginner marathon plan I thought “hey that sounds doable”. When I now read about running 6 times per week, it doesn’t feel like a distant vision. It’s reality. I just ran 50 minutes and feel like I finally recharged my batteries and am ready to tackle the day.

So will I run an ultra next year? Probably not. I think I could, but not the way I want to. I don’t yet have any concrete plans, but I think it would be clever to get some more experience in shorter distances before I tackle anything big. Of course the temptation is there, but I have the rest of my life, so I shall do it properly. Another reason is that there is i.e. the perfect “first ultra” for me, just around my cliff, but one of the starting conditions is to have run a marathon.

What is next? I will continue what I have been doing, but won’t increase the duration. I will include faster segments. To transfer from my typical “MAF” paced run to more Lydiard style “Steady” runs. 80/20 fits right in there and I think December and January at least will be good for this. I plan to include more of the hills and stairs stuff to prepare my legs. It will be a nice mix-up, for my legs, my brain and you as you follow along and read my ramblings!

Got an opinion? Give me your best!

Running along the Dublin Coast – North to South

I left the house around 10 to embark on a little adventure. Things I packed were Wilson (my bottle filled with water, salt and a bit of apple juice), 4 dates and my visa card. While I was sitting at the Dart station I was already hungry. Maybe I should’ve eaten something before heading out. I ate one of the Dates and noticed the drink sucks … it just doesn’t work without cranberry juice! The Dart is one of the main mode of transportation in Dublin and it took me from South to North, conveniently along the coast where I would run back. The journey there took already 1 hour.

I started in Sutton and would run all the way down.


It’s a nice lovely coastal road – usually … right now it’s being worked on … I ran on grass and trail as much as possible.


You can see Howth in the background. Lovely cliff run hiding there!


Then I spotted birds. I was told that this tree had been struck down by lightning and an artist gave it new life! Will have to research that. How beautiful is this!?


I ran past St. Anne’s park, one of Dublin’s parkrun parks!


I saw the first ship.


Huge ship detected!


Tried to quickly leave the city behind me, but was already on the look out for an aid station.


Aid station anyone?


When I finally found a gas station, I realized that happiness can be bought and that it tastes like salty cashews!

And then I arrived in heaven …


Yes … just imagine running on mostly roads for a little over 10k and then your feet get this sand … for kilometers … because tide is out.


I took frequent breaks, but the best one was on a grassy field, sun shining … just after around 15k. Lying in the grass, sun shining down, but with a light sea breeze … nothing beats that (in this moment). I was actually surprised, how easy it was to get up and move again.

In the end I had eaten all the dates and I am really really fond of them during running. There is something so satisfying about it … and combined with the salty cashews … I think I found my “stuff” for now.

Here is the Garmin mapping. I can recommend this route, it shows all of Dublin’s facets.

2016-08-25 16_40_03-Garmin Connect

Of course I did it all super slow and stuck to my aerobic heart rate. I don’t think I would feel as good now, if I hadn’t. I took my Altras and am happy about the level of cushioning they provided.