Autumn and the perfect running weather has arrived. Let’s do some sight seeing!

The classic beach 😚:

Check out Howth in the distance:

Dalkey Island:

My mountains 😂:

Ireland is surfing!

Or picking the last of the berries:

or scrambling through something like this:

All better than doing taxes … oh I remember now why I do not like autumn …


Finally … I ran.

Friday I did not because of … uhm I forgot my excuse. Saturday the weather sucked. Today the weather was mocking me as it was raining as well. There was no more choice left though.

Now as soon as I got to the beach and had gotten properly soaked the weathere turned around.

Look how moody it was:


Once the sun was up it got all sparkly:

So … not as much run this week as planned, but I saw some decent sunrises and went running for 5 days.

Hilly 40

Today I did 40 minutes of hill crawls. Worth the view.

It was high tide, but I still did some pebbling afterwards. Can you see the pebbles?

I was not the only one appreciating the colours:

Moon, wind, waves and dawn

So let’s call what I did wind sprints! I started under the moon:

Dawn was approaching and I had the beach to myself.

The wind was quite strong, as I ran with the birds:

At the end of the beach I tried to get some wave action shots in:

Just love those colors and how the clouds are reflected in the waves:

30 minutes done! What are you doing today?