A brand new beach

The storm brought me a brand new sand beach. Seems it took a blizzard to get rid of all the pebbles.

It also reordered the whole structure of the beach … ripped away stairs of the castle and uncovered an old crabp cage?

Run done.

Sanity restored.

For the record … those are the lights of Bray and such as taken from the far end side of my beach near the cave. In tbe back sugar loaf and Bray Head … or short for Ireland at night.

It was okish temperature, wind was not really there and I just had a slight mizzle distract me from pebbling for 40 minutes.

Taking the high road

After having recharged the batteries of my headlamp I can finally see the sea again!

Weather was fantastic on the way to the hill. Tailwind and sand dancing around me. The cold – I did not feel – as I was running fast with the wind, flying across the soft sand.

Then … I chickened out … took the stairs of hell up the hill … and the high road back down … I just did not want to eat sand for breakfast.

Well … with that kind of views one cannot complain about surface or elevation.

2 weeks …

Two weeks just gone … like nothing …just a huge pile of work, tea bags and issues left in front of me …

Well at least I chose a time when the weather was ugly. Seriously. Has there been a better time for having the flu than the past few stormy and wet days?

It’s pretty much all gone now. The flu and the bad weather … so more excuses.

Wow … fitness where did you go?


Wearing my cap in the rain creates loads of sparkles and does not mess up my glasses. I am starting to love running in the rain!

I did skip yesterday due to wind warnings … would’ve been blown into the sea by the sound of the gusts!

Can you see the sparkles? When running it is thousands of them. Maybe that is normal for people without glasses!?

The wind also left some beautiful sandy beach for me to run on. Good times!