Proper sunrise

I witnessed the most beautiful sunrise while doing 22 easy minutes of slow running.

Can’t get better than that, but we’ll see tomorrow.

10% and sunrise

I decided to increase my running by 10% this week. So I did 44 minutes easy today.

It was a beautiful morning. The tide was just out so there was a nice sandy area to run along. Focussed on slowing down and felt fresh afterwards. Contrasted by my ugly mod when I woke up! Happy to have gotten through my restday and to have no nigggles or pain.

I realized that right now I am so blessed and I will make sure that I enjoy it. So many years I struggled to get to where I am now and finally my consistent  and slow effort are paying off. I can feel that soon I will be strong enough to fly over hills and enjoy pure bliss, while not paying for it afterwards. Can’t wait, but have to be patient a little longer.

Rainy twenty

It was raining. I did my 20 minutes. I felt great.

Still can’t believe how crazy this is! However I did run too fast! I need to focus on slowing down …

Greystones to Bray

Ran along the cliff walk from Greystones to Bray. Wonderful weather and great easy run done.


Feel like I could have gone on for hours! That was probably due to the fantastic views more than my fitness, but I take it!

Smelling the roses

I did my 20 minute run today. It took me over 40 minutes. I literally took time to smell the roses. The more I run the more I feel the need to enjoy it.

I know right now my biggest challenge is to stick to the plan. This means keeping up my motivation. Taking a picture, smell the roses, means I try and find beautiful moments. It is such a difference to just getting a run done. So far I dont think I had a bad run this week! I also have only 2 days left and I have my first complete week of my 3x2x1 plan done. Tomorrow I run 1 hour and on Sunday 20 minutes. So Monday will become my new restday until I slide around again.


Pond! Sort of …

So this blogging thing works!

I know it is ridiculous, but if I wouldn’t have promised myself to take a pic of the pond, I guess I wouldn’t have dragged my lazy ass out there for an hour. All in all I ran around 50 minutes of it. Should have done 40 continuous minutes, but with all those red lights and lost tourists asking for directions I had to make it up. 4 days in a row and I feel awesome! I might just make my first week of 6 days running!!!

The most astonishing part of this experiment is, that I really feel good! Much better than with 3 days and 1 hour each. I just have to focus more on taking it easier!

Beautiful morning in 20 minutes

Left the house just when everyone was leaving to work. This made me realize how lucky I am to work from where I want and can arrange time freely. I have to remember that when times get tough in lonelypreneurland.

It was a wonderful morning and the sun just peaked through the clouds.

Happy I did my 20 minutes and I also noticed my walking speed is improving! Oh and I discovered a pond riverlike thing yesterday, I have to run there tomorrow and snap a picture to post!

Catching up

Had a really good 40 min run in the morning. I think my new plan is working and I am getting faster without working on it. I wasnt too good last week and haven’t yet done a full 20x40x20x40x20x60 week yet. This week could be different, but I missed yesterday’s 20 minute run so will have to figure out how to schedule it in.

I think mornings work best for me, this way I don’t procrastinate it and get it done …

I am now in my 5th month of injury free running and really hope that this week I finally get my first full week of 6 times running in. This means every day till next Monday omg!!! After that I get to increase my daily time or just stick with it for a while. Still have to decide.

Catch up

Quick catch up!

Last week I did skip 2 workouts … one 40 minute and one 60 minute run. I went on a long hike, but I guess that does not count.

What counts is to not beat myself up and pick it up again. So today it’s another 20 minutes!