Beach, boats, sand, hill and the beginning of summer

Just LOVE Ireland around this time of the year. Greeted at the beach with lovely colours:

Tried running through the Sahara and up the stairs of hell:

Passing by Dalkey Island:

Boats part 1:

… and part 2:

Funny enough, Bullock Harbour is exactly 5 k out and was my goal for today’s run. It’s a nice torture to have to run all the way up the hill back to get back to my beach.

I treated my legs to a nice bath in the sea afterwards. Just up to the knees and until they were near frozen. Lovely!


4 and 12 huh?

It looks so pleasant and peachy doesn’t it?

Hahaha. That’s what I thought today … twice. 

In the morning around 7ish I didn’t even make it to the beach, vowing to go back at low tide and with my winter gear. The wind was so shocking cold. Fair enough …

After lunch it looked beautiful and temps were up. Glorious sunshine and blooming flowers. I was wearing my winter gear … and also two wraps I had just eaten for lunch … big mistake. Don’t judge me, I am a morning runner and usually eat afterwards.

When I got to the beach it was wild waves all over the place. 

I made it for 12 minutes … as soon as I turned back the combination of pebbles, wind and wraps made it into a ‘lesson learned’ rather than a 40 minute easy run.


High tide

High tide … forcing me to hang out in the park. 

I was not alone:

I spent one hour today and me and my new road shoes seem to be getting along better now. Now I am curious …

How long does it usually take you to break in your shoes? I am usually good after a few runs … maybe it is because of the thicker sole?


Great Dane

Great Dane was the answer to yesterday’s post and as I can’t think of any other title that is what I’ll run with for today. 

I also ran up and down the beach, but this time in the opposite direction. Just to confuse you and to sharpen your bird spotting skills:

And now be prepared for what I usually don’t photograph:

See all those pebbles?

Hahaha. No we won’t count those. Now I also spotted this:

What is that?! 

Now to not leave you confused and go on with your day in a fabulous mood, here is the obligatory sun-sea-sand pretty beach combo:

FYI: Godzilla was my favorite answer to yesterday’s game and it was brought to you by unironeman.


Tennis ball!

Tennis ball was the answer to yesterday’s game!

Only one person got it (please only click this link if you are from Ireland though)! 

Now the most likely reason is that after the camouflage birds the ball was too easy, so I will up the difficulty for today. What has caused those footprints:

Other than that it was super cold and the colours were pretty:

It does feel like my fitness is returning, but who knows it might be a fluke or the fact that I just suck at road running …