Mixed tape

(let’s try old-school today)

Dear Saoirsek,

thank you very much for the playlist you created! I was particular fond to be remembered of #2 on your list! Perfect running song. As promised, I created a list of my songs as well.

I hope you find at least one song you like. (The tapes are quite long, so I added a pencil for you).



This embedding via Spotify should work and one can create a free account.

Let’s start with the “classic” tape:


Then there is the “running along the beach and forgetting you run” tape, my current favorite:

An “epic” run tape:

The one titled “rhythm“:

The one that I just accidentally slipped in the box titled “silly girl“:

Then … the cheesy one:

Oh there is a happy one as well:

Now if you are still here … I usually start with a warm-up walk and cool down to and from the beach. Sometimes I take the dart to the place I want to run from … here is my list for that:

Still here? Oh well … you can’t be helped so here is the one for the epic stormy gale in fine face days:

The next … is a what got me through hours of running last winter – it’s classic music all 60 bpm (so I try and take 3 steps to work on perfect cadence of 180). It is just a copy from an existing playlist:


Other than that, I did my 60 minutes run today! Dawn didn’t show up.


60 minutes means I have to drag myself up these:


Worth the view though:


First week of 20/40/60 done! Yay!

Still here?

Ok … now just for the fun of it, I created an empty playlist (as of now) which can be edited by everyone. (That’s the theory).

Feel free to mess with this and try if you can add songs to it, that I should listen to on my next run! Would be a fun experiment to see everyone add a song.

Oh and also a shout-out to James – his blog is a whole treasure chest of great running music.

Overslept and still ran

Thanks to Julie who ran today and I could not be the one that didn’t!

That’s another 20 minutes done. I really think the easy 20s help to keep me moving. Tomorrow will be only one hour. Sounds all good! That will be my first complete 20/40/60 week.

From that it will then only be about increasing it to my previous 7 hours/week. Let’s see how this plays out.

It still works

Another 40 minutes done today.

Caught dawn:

So far it is looking good and all feels ok. Challenging but ok. Maybe I can really pick up here and build from it. I have to walk the hills I used to run, but that will change. I figure if it is too much I can still do 6 times a week, but just reduce the duration.

Majestic sunrise

Today a majestic sunrise happened:

Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the clouds.

Also as you may note we got a new surface to run on. Slippery Kelp! The whole beach is covered at the end where the cave is.

As for the running, I did 40 minutes. Was it always that hard?


After a week vacation which included doing a whole lot of nothing – just what I needed – I went to the beach today.

I am so out of shape now and tried to get back running every other day, but it just does not work for me. Therefore I decided to go back to my old plan, running 6 times a week. This way I just do it … at least that is the plan!

Today 40 minutes of slogging. Should have been 20 … but I possibly only ran 20 of it so it is all ok. Tomorrow will be 40 …

Let’s see if I can do a full week of that and then take it from there.

Winter is coming

… and I am loving it! I am sorry if you do not like winter … ask me again in November and I will say otherwise as well. (My guess is I finally reached an acceptable lvl of Vit D … but bloodtests will show this at some point. I take a good mood any day.)

Weather was nice today. Clouds were covering every possible dawn action and so I could focus mostly on running. I was alone at the beach and a drizzle cooled me off. Check out even my hill is hiding:

I had so much fun running with all those birds:

Up and down the beach I flew (let’s just pretend ok?)

Oh and I did remember I wanted to work on my bird vocabulary:

Surely the one on the rock is some Gull? Like uhm Herring gull? (I know it is not a heron …)

Now what is the bird to the left? It is a funny one and always dives for a long time before reappearing, looking around and diving down again.

8 more today

Kilometer that is. At the moment I do not run miles, better for the head.

As usual the views are pretty …

spectacular …

And I am glad to say I haven’t forgotten the hidden paths that take one to the sea:

4 something

I ran 4.4 km today. Which is far or not depending on what one is used to. I do not think it is far, but I am so out of shape my body is of another opinion.

It is hard to complain about lost fitness while running along the beach though … but I will try!

At the moment I am running every other day … which is horrible for me. I feel like I want to run on rest days and not on run days. Cannot wait until I am back to 6 times a week …

Oh and to everybody hanging out here and running out there: thanks for being such an inspiration! On the days I do not want to run, reading your blog makes me get out there.