Yeah … couldn’t have done today’s 30 minutes without my raingear and headlamp. This is what I saw:

I guess the Irish weather is really out to test the New Year Resolutioneers.

Me? Just the usual … but I realized a shoking fact about vegan food over the last year. It makes you fat if you reduce your running and keep eating 😂 so my resolution is to start and measure my food … oh and increase my running again! It does slip away too quickly.

What will you be up to?

A self fullfilling prophecy

… was made on this exact blog yesterday.

And today I ended up with a fully soaked right foot. It was not that cold though …

There was a weird glow around today as well.

Rain and high tide

Lovely 6° Celsius out here so a bit of rain and wind could not stop me. Hardcore pebbling today … slippery stones that were hard to see and not a soul out there to grade my sliding. Fabulous!


To counteract any possible issues on my blog due to some weird theme, I switched now to the official wp theme of the year. Did this do the trick?

Other than that finally I met my friend magic again. I was just taking a break, leaning against the rocks and taking in the beauty (giving my hr a chance to go from exploding to something my watch and brain can comprehend again), as he appeared and landed in front of me on a rock:

I also had fun with the lights …

… a ships reflection …

… and more lights …

… and a castle in the moonshine: