Summer day

High tide at the moment … park it is:

I made it past the guards! 

Track is always a nice distraction:

… as is the sea:

Sorry if you got sea sick watching this. Next time I will go for straight horizon!

This shall repair all damage I have done:

No … it wasn’t me! Really!


Hilly Hills

I had to try what music works best on hills after our little discussion on Monday. I have to admit … S you were spot on! Somehow I managed 1 hour and 17 minutes today … 

Hill running around here is not easy as it says ‘Slow’ wherever I run and that distracts me.

If that does not grab my attention the views will. To the right:

To the left:

Now the question of the day: is this a canon on top of the Martello Tower in the first pic? I don’t know the answer … I might be able to find out though.


Sunny summertime

Isn’t it just great if there is no mist or rain or hail?!

Even birds are back to flying.

Mmmm … spots of soft sand!

And in case you are wondering if the weather is the only thing that lifted my mood during today’s run, checkout my other reason, the playlist:

You probably have to be either a hardcore fallout gamer or a slow runner to appreciate it. Triple points if you are both!