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Hi Guys, thanks for checking out my profile! I am a slow runner, plant eater, gamer and business owner living in Ireland!


No not what you think you filthy thing!

I am talking about exposure in a photographic sense. I am trying to capture the mood and light in the semi dark. So far I am taking pretty pics, but it is not at the level of what I want to express.

Yesterday I remembered that we used to be able to do that. With those old school cameras. Long story and googeling later I had the right app on my phone.

In essence I am playing with the shutterspeed etc. to try and catch the light better.

Here is my first test run 😄

I am getting closer. Once I am happy enough with the settings I want to use the RAW capture mode. That could mean another further improvement to get just the right mood!

It’s been a while

Now do not get excited … can’t yet say for sure that my posting will return to a regular schedule. But today I ran and I want to share! Let’s be happy with that for now.

Run started unter the moon which was hiding behind clouds.

I had not only forgotten my watch, but also my headlamp. This is what it is like running at the beach under moon:

I had the beach all to myself. Love the reflections at the edge of the sea.

Did some 40 minutes and went back home.

See you next time!

Wouldn’t it be cool …

I’ve been collecting my photos for a while now and just had a discussion with Mawil and was trying to explain my ideas for what to do with them.

I made a quick mock-up (don’t shoot me CJ it is horrible), but I hope you get the idea of my plans! Essentially it is a calendar with one photo per day. It is important that the days match the days the photo was taken!

It will look similar to this:


As you can see it can stand on it’s own and you need to turn it once a year. This way we only have half of all the pages! The paper is not very thick.

Now … I have a clear picture of what I want. I do not yet have found someone to print it for a decent price and I am missing some photos!

Any ideas/suggestions/connections welcome!