Wearing my cap in the rain creates loads of sparkles and does not mess up my glasses. I am starting to love running in the rain!

I did skip yesterday due to wind warnings … would’ve been blown into the sea by the sound of the gusts!

Can you see the sparkles? When running it is thousands of them. Maybe that is normal for people without glasses!?

The wind also left some beautiful sandy beach for me to run on. Good times!


Yeah … couldn’t have done today’s 30 minutes without my raingear and headlamp. This is what I saw:

I guess the Irish weather is really out to test the New Year Resolutioneers.

Me? Just the usual … but I realized a shoking fact about vegan food over the last year. It makes you fat if you reduce your running and keep eating 😂 so my resolution is to start and measure my food … oh and increase my running again! It does slip away too quickly.

What will you be up to?