I ate sand

Today it has gotten significantly colder and gustier.

And I love it! Just check out the pattern of the waves:

You think I am crazy? In summer you do not have powerful moments like that one:

… or scenery and sound like this:

Oh and what’s with the title you ask? Well here comes a pro tip: keep your mouth shut even if in awe … an unexpected weather thing can happen at any time. Today it was a gust of water mixed with sand for me … still chewing …

11 Replies to “I ate sand”

  1. Oh god yeah sand in the mouth is not good :/ Nice photos and vids … i tried getting up early and failed then i tried again and made it but its simply not for me so I take my metaphorical hat off to ya for doing it consistently!

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      1. Just what I thought, was just having fun with you. I also have no idea … my blog creeps me out. I just want to have a normal one … like you! It is a normal wp.com blog … just not working!!!
        I was considering starting a new one … fresh without weird things …

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