No not what you think you filthy thing!

I am talking about exposure in a photographic sense. I am trying to capture the mood and light in the semi dark. So far I am taking pretty pics, but it is not at the level of what I want to express.

Yesterday I remembered that we used to be able to do that. With those old school cameras. Long story and googeling later I had the right app on my phone.

In essence I am playing with the shutterspeed etc. to try and catch the light better.

Here is my first test run 😄

I am getting closer. Once I am happy enough with the settings I want to use the RAW capture mode. That could mean another further improvement to get just the right mood!

8 Replies to “Exposure”

  1. HOLYSH*T! those are AMAZING!!!! with a phone and an app? I am FLOORED! Just teaching my kid photographic basics with the DSLR on Manual… thank god for digital cameras… but he is learning all about F.Stops and ISO etc… and he is LOVING it!
    Well done Slowpops, just beautiful!

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    1. The app is called “Camera FV-5” free and paid available. Yes I do use HDR on my normal cam app. But to be honest the normal app lacks certain settings I like to play with.
      Do you know a better app?


      1. No, I don’t I’m afraid. I do use my old iPhone 4 a fair bit for pics, but overall, once the light goes, those tiny aperture digital lenses really suffer with noise. Most of the apps on digital are using some form of emulation, so they are really trying to filter out stuff, rather than getting the good stuff in there in the first place. But that’s fine; I guess that’s why we buy the big cameras!

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