Wouldn’t it be cool …

I’ve been collecting my photos for a while now and just had a discussion with Mawil and was trying to explain my ideas for what to do with them.

I made a quick mock-up (don’t shoot me CJ it is horrible), but I hope you get the idea of my plans! Essentially it is a calendar with one photo per day. It is important that the days match the days the photo was taken!

It will look similar to this:


As you can see it can stand on it’s own and you need to turn it once a year. This way we only have half of all the pages! The paper is not very thick.

Now … I have a clear picture of what I want. I do not yet have found someone to print it for a decent price and I am missing some photos!

Any ideas/suggestions/connections welcome!

15 Replies to “Wouldn’t it be cool …”

  1. Ahaaa! So you only need 183 pages! Yes it is cool! You can buy those spiral binding things from a craft shop, but you’d need double sided photo paper if you were to print it on your own computer. Just thinking, because if it was me I’d probably have 365 family pics and so on, basically all my stuff that brings back happy memories. So it would be a one off. But there’s a business there producing those one off calanders….. if someone could send you their 366 pics!

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  2. Plenty of online ordering options for this gig – and whichever way you dice it, it will be cheaper and probably slicker than a DIY job (and I say that as a handy graphics person). You could crowd-fund the images anyway… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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