After a week vacation which included doing a whole lot of nothing – just what I needed – I went to the beach today.

I am so out of shape now and tried to get back running every other day, but it just does not work for me. Therefore I decided to go back to my old plan, running 6 times a week. This way I just do it … at least that is the plan!

Today 40 minutes of slogging. Should have been 20 … but I possibly only ran 20 of it so it is all ok. Tomorrow will be 40 …

Let’s see if I can do a full week of that and then take it from there.

10 Replies to “Back”

    1. Let’s see it as experiment to learn if it goes faster this time! With all the data we collect we can surely come up with nice graphs ๐Ÿ˜ overlapping weight gain/loss with mileage not run/run.


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