4 something

I ran 4.4 km today. Which is far or not depending on what one is used to. I do not think it is far, but I am so out of shape my body is of another opinion.

It is hard to complain about lost fitness while running along the beach though … but I will try!

At the moment I am running every other day … which is horrible for me. I feel like I want to run on rest days and not on run days. Cannot wait until I am back to 6 times a week …

Oh and to everybody hanging out here and running out there: thanks for being such an inspiration! On the days I do not want to run, reading your blog makes me get out there.

11 Replies to “4 something”

  1. SlowPop… your base is SOLID! before you know it 90mins out there will be a doddle!
    I do every other day or I wouldn’t fit my life and other stuff in…
    What a beautiful sunrise! You truly have the most awesome start to your day… I drive to work at 05h45 and I often don’t even realise I have made the journey I am marvelling so at the greatness of a sunrise! Happy Weekend!

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  2. I think the distance thing is all relative. When I started out it seemed impossible, then it was a ‘normal’ run, and now it’s back to being a substantial distance! I’d like to get back to it being an average training run, and I’m sure that I will, but like cee jay says, it depends on what your lifestyle will allow at the time. No worries, enjoy the beach, make the most of the runs that you do do! We all enjoy your sunrise pictures!

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