Winter is coming

… and I am loving it! I am sorry if you do not like winter … ask me again in November and I will say otherwise as well. (My guess is I finally reached an acceptable lvl of Vit D … but bloodtests will show this at some point. I take a good mood any day.)

Weather was nice today. Clouds were covering every possible dawn action and so I could focus mostly on running. I was alone at the beach and a drizzle cooled me off. Check out even my hill is hiding:

I had so much fun running with all those birds:

Up and down the beach I flew (let’s just pretend ok?)

Oh and I did remember I wanted to work on my bird vocabulary:

Surely the one on the rock is some Gull? Like uhm Herring gull? (I know it is not a heron …)

Now what is the bird to the left? It is a funny one and always dives for a long time before reappearing, looking around and diving down again.

4 something

I ran 4.4 km today. Which is far or not depending on what one is used to. I do not think it is far, but I am so out of shape my body is of another opinion.

It is hard to complain about lost fitness while running along the beach though … but I will try!

At the moment I am running every other day … which is horrible for me. I feel like I want to run on rest days and not on run days. Cannot wait until I am back to 6 times a week …

Oh and to everybody hanging out here and running out there: thanks for being such an inspiration! On the days I do not want to run, reading your blog makes me get out there.