The other park

If tide is too high, I usual prefer to go to the park with the track and the rugby fields. This is the park featuring the rusty fish as you might know.

Not today!

I wanted some sea at least.

I did a couple of rounds on the grass.

Went to the beach after 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Next to nice photos I also collected a giant blister during today’s run … caused by a newly formed hole in my favourite running sock …

8 Replies to “The other park”

  1. thats so kewl! Nice long run!!!

    ha ha, i should share a pic of my socks, i ACTUALLY took a pic… today i did a ‘sort and cull’… OMG i think i have a sock problem too… possibly worse than the shoe problem! blush

    Kewl pics poppie…

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  2. Hey looks like youre really getting back into the swing =)))) Just commented on CJs blog – Seriously Lidl running socks are really great and cheap too. Pretty much all I run in no and no difference to vastly more expensive ones.

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