Summer day

High tide at the moment … park it is:

I made it past the guards! 

Track is always a nice distraction:

… as is the sea:

Sorry if you got sea sick watching this. Next time I will go for straight horizon!

This shall repair all damage I have done:

No … it wasn’t me! Really!

11 Replies to “Summer day”

    1. Depends on what you think old is! I am trying to not be offended though! It is a lovely track!!! It is also just perfect. It is not plane for one so it counts double. Hill and speed training in one. It also just got a jump thing with sand added recently!

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  1. We have quarter-mile anthracite running tracks nearby, which is hard Pennsylvania coal, but when rubblized is soft on the feet, but won’t leave black marks on your running shoes. I missed you SRG.. where did you go?

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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