New PR

Ok … I know … quite a title. I did however achieve a new PR as in highest achieved heart rate while running on flat ground. It is 188!

I also ran at a lightening fast pace of 5:34 min/km, for probably a total of 3 seconds before my lungs didn’t want to cooperate anymore. 

What’s going on you ask? Well after having learned about my blood test results I had taken it easier when I felt energy or mood lacking. I also increased my intake of sunshine at the appropriate times and stuffed myself with even more different veg and fruit each day. I have now been taking vit D supplements (D3 3.2 k IUs/day if you care).

My doc also told me to speed it up while running from time to time. Sounds like classic 80/20 to me?! 

So today I ‘played’ for an hour and had fun running around the track and even more so the rugby fields surrounding it. I felt like having tons of energy. Now I am hoping for a sunny weekend and that I will be able to catch a tiny bit of it. Weather app says t-storms though … might need to uninstall the app … it worked for CNN.

Have a lovely weekend and make sure to not miss the latest episode of Kristian’s adventure reports under

14 Replies to “New PR”

    1. Ok. I had to Google the phrase “don’t knock it”! Love learning new expressions.
      I might read the book again actually. I am convinced it is the best way to train and should have done enough preparations in the past 2 years to not kill myself or get injured. But running so fast is hard “mimimi”. πŸ˜†

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  1. Awesome! Well done you.
    And, sorry for the real lack of update on MdS related stuff. I’ve been a little occupied by racing and training for another one on 8th July.
    The MdS blog seems to, in my mind, take up sooooo much time.

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