Hilly Hills

I had to try what music works best on hills after our little discussion on Monday. I have to admit … S you were spot on! Somehow I managed 1 hour and 17 minutes today … 

Hill running around here is not easy as it says ‘Slow’ wherever I run and that distracts me.

If that does not grab my attention the views will. To the right:

To the left:

Now the question of the day: is this a canon on top of the Martello Tower in the first pic? I don’t know the answer … I might be able to find out though.

Sunny summertime

Isn’t it just great if there is no mist or rain or hail?!

Even birds are back to flying.

Mmmm … spots of soft sand!

And in case you are wondering if the weather is the only thing that lifted my mood during today’s run, checkout my other reason, the playlist:

You probably have to be either a hardcore fallout gamer or a slow runner to appreciate it. Triple points if you are both!

More summer!

Summer still is happening, can you believe it?

And while flies have replaced the hordes of tourists from yesterday, the tide was high and after a quick pebbling session I went up Vico road. It is always nice to admire the hard work the gardeners do for the richest of the rich.

Paradise anyone? There is a house up for sale right now.

5k done for today and hopeful that my evil boss gives me half the day off to enjoy more of this summer.