Summer is back with all it’s cans

I only see it now, when looking at the photos … how did I not see the cans when I was there, taking the photo? Was it because I was distracted by the waves?

Fortunately my friend doesn’t care, or maybe there is a look of distain?

Let’s check it out closer:

Yeah … doesn’t look to pleased, but will make the best out of the situation, ignoring the can that is located inside his breakfast bowl. I will never understand why anyone is not able to carry cans back after they are empty … they even weigh less! Same goes with putting dog poop inside bags and then dropping the bag on the trail. Why?!

Ok, enough with the rant. I found one photo that has no trash:

25 easy minutes done.

7 Replies to “Summer is back with all it’s cans”

  1. Yes, it’s disgusting. I often end up slowing my runs because I’m picking up trash. I live on a small island; I can’t understand why people think so little of their precious environment!

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  2. beautiful pics, minus the garbage left by mindless garbage…nice run, i’ve been on the shelf all week so living vicariously through running blogs and ig posts!

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  3. Agree about the rubbish. My pet hate is running along a trail and seeing empty packets from energy gels – seriously!! It irks me that orher runners or cyclists have done this!!

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