It didn’t dawn on me

… I had one coffee too much. It is ok as the tide was highest at that time.

Today I positioned the bird quite well, don’t you think?

So with tide high up in the pebbles I got my feet wet trying to outsmart the waves. See with the tide sometimes we get sand. But it is not flat … It has mountains of pebbles in between. So when the waves go back there is enough sand to run around the mountains. If you are quick enough and don’t loose count that is. What are you counting? The waves of course. Usually it takes around 6 waves to build up to that. Now … I am bad at counting and I can’t even count to 2 or 4 to increase my step rate, so it is always just a matter of time until the mighty 7th wave strikes me.

Other than that here is your daily weather report:

Summer is back! Get the dogs out. We have a lovely breeze here and a nice 8° Celsius.

9 Replies to “It didn’t dawn on me”

  1. no such thing as one coffee too many…now go find a starbucks and get another one!! i could see the bird though and i’m not very good at these, except when it’s a tennis ball 🙂

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