Today I did 30 easy but fun minutes on ever changing surfaces. Just look at my prints, if this doesn’t warm up legs and feet I don’t know what does:

From small pebbles to larger rocks:

From rocks to heaven:

Just look at it and imagine running there:

And then my second favorite surface:

What are you running on these days?

14 Replies to “Surfaces”

      1. Nothing wrong with running off road. Unfortunately I don’t have trails/parks close to me, so running on the road can be more convenient.

        And since most of my races are road races, it helps to train on the same surface.

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  1. I dont envy you the large pebbles. Holiday memories tell me that I struggle to walk on them, legs wobbling at every joint, so I don’t know how I could run! You must have really strong muscles to manage it!

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    1. I couldn’t walk on them in the beginning either. Maybe 5 minutes … and I was miserable. I bet all the pebbling has made my feet super strong indeed. I believe it is good for trails as well. It also helps the mind as I have to focus on each step. I only looked at the sunrise once while pebbling … and fell on my nose.

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      1. I’m sure it will be good for strength and stability! Like everything I expect you have to build it gradually for success! Although falling over on that – ouch!!!!

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