4 and 12 huh?

It looks so pleasant and peachy doesn’t it?

Hahaha. That’s what I thought today … twice. 

In the morning around 7ish I didn’t even make it to the beach, vowing to go back at low tide and with my winter gear. The wind was so shocking cold. Fair enough …

After lunch it looked beautiful and temps were up. Glorious sunshine and blooming flowers. I was wearing my winter gear … and also two wraps I had just eaten for lunch … big mistake. Don’t judge me, I am a morning runner and usually eat afterwards.

When I got to the beach it was wild waves all over the place. 

I made it for 12 minutes … as soon as I turned back the combination of pebbles, wind and wraps made it into a ‘lesson learned’ rather than a 40 minute easy run.


      1. Eating while you run usually works (although not for everyone) because you’re also burning it off at the same time — or I think, so anyway! But you’re only eating little bits – not a whole meal — that’s the difference!

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  1. As someone who suffers IBS symptoms running can be a challenge. I prefer to run in the mornings but with my work schedule that is not possible. So I find if I allow food to digest a few hours there are fewer or no bathroom breaks. Careful choices help too.

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