4 and 12 huh?

It looks so pleasant and peachy doesn’t it?

Hahaha. That’s what I thought today … twice. 

In the morning around 7ish I didn’t even make it to the beach, vowing to go back at low tide and with my winter gear. The wind was so shocking cold. Fair enough …

After lunch it looked beautiful and temps were up. Glorious sunshine and blooming flowers. I was wearing my winter gear … and also two wraps I had just eaten for lunch … big mistake. Don’t judge me, I am a morning runner and usually eat afterwards.

When I got to the beach it was wild waves all over the place. 

I made it for 12 minutes … as soon as I turned back the combination of pebbles, wind and wraps made it into a ‘lesson learned’ rather than a 40 minute easy run.

20 Replies to “4 and 12 huh?”

      1. Eating while you run usually works (although not for everyone) because you’re also burning it off at the same time — or I think, so anyway! But you’re only eating little bits – not a whole meal — that’s the difference!

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  1. As someone who suffers IBS symptoms running can be a challenge. I prefer to run in the mornings but with my work schedule that is not possible. So I find if I allow food to digest a few hours there are fewer or no bathroom breaks. Careful choices help too.

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