Sunday = Runday

What a surprise! I ran today. Usually Sunday is rest day, but as I had decided that it would be fun spend Saturday at the Dentist, I didn’t feel like going for a run then and instead did 10k today.

Tide is up so let’s do some bird spotting in the park:

I am 100% sure there was a bird on the stones in the second photo. Now I am not so sure … next time I should take more photos.

Summer is back with all it’s cans

I only see it now, when looking at the photos … how did I not see the cans when I was there, taking the photo? Was it because I was distracted by the waves?

Fortunately my friend doesn’t care, or maybe there is a look of distain?

Let’s check it out closer:

Yeah … doesn’t look to pleased, but will make the best out of the situation, ignoring the can that is located inside his breakfast bowl. I will never understand why anyone is not able to carry cans back after they are empty … they even weigh less! Same goes with putting dog poop inside bags and then dropping the bag on the trail. Why?!

Ok, enough with the rant. I found one photo that has no trash:

25 easy minutes done.

Where is Russia?

Disclaimer: I might be relapsing in relation to my US and Brexit news consumption … Now this is a running blog which I turn to, to obsess about running related things and this is exactly what I am doing now to distract myself from the news. I also just removed all news apps (but one) from my phone. Kinda going cold turkey … I will still keep up to date, but try to do it only once a day.

So … where was I … right running. After I missed my morning run due to too much coffee and too much US news …, during lunch there was hail and now it is raining. Well … it is rest week and I went yesterday, so all is good.

Back to obsessing about running. I thought it would be nice to switch the theme on my blog. 20 minutes later I realized it is a bad idea. However out of curiosity I clicked on my stats.


Here are my absolutely irrelevant findings:

  • UK and US are competing for the #1 spot, with the UK leading by 6 points right now.
  • There is no evidence of any Russian interference. Seriously are there no slow runners in Russia, is this a language thing? Does anyone have visitors from Russia on their blog? Just curious …
  • #4 in popularity is Canada! Oh Canada!
  • I want to say “hi” to my one visitor from Uzbekistan!
  • There are also more people from India checking out my blog than from France! C’est la vie.
  • There is also one visitor from the European Union!? Who is that guy? A tracking trick? The one russian slow runner, using a proxy to get access to my beachporn?

Other than that, it is still raining, but I am not that cruel my dear and so I leave you with one of my favorite beach pics taken at the end of 2015:


Do you remember 2015? We all have run many miles since then … and whoa … how the world has changed.