Snail pace and burning soles

I am working on befriending my new road shoes … it has been our third run together now.

It hasn’t been a smooth tide so far. Finally after testing  another pair of socks I think I figured it out. It was at a point mid run when I thought I had gotten plantar fasciitis or something else was burning my soles. Maybe a tiny devil was hiding in the shoes holding a flame thrower towards my soles?

Anyhow … I ripped off my shoes and realized they were super hot and my socks wet. I took apart the shoes and realized that the soles are not the usual inov8 type of soles, but different material. As soon as I took them out my feet were able to breathe again and the devil had disappeared. 

I also met my new running buddy:

We agreed on the same pace.

19 Replies to “Snail pace and burning soles”

  1. I’ve been off the blog radar a bit this week but are we looking for snails as well as bunnies on our runs?!! Just wondrin’ so I can stay up to date 🙂 Hope you are doing well, cheers!

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