Go Kristian!

In case you are wondering what a bunch of blue dots do in the middle of the desert next to a camel, you landed on the wrong blog! Kthxbye!

OK now that it’s just us, the dot that is showing the runner symbol is our Kristian.


To me it is still unbelievable that anyone with free will would even contemplate visiting such a hot climate.

Anyhow here is how you can track our friend: Go to http://live.marathondessables.com/waatracking/fr-FR/mds/MDS2017# and there you can just search for the first name (this will give you also the race number in case you want to send a message)!

Another handy link to have is his sponsoring page.

Also if you want to message a runner (they usually print it out and hand it to the runners) all you need is the race number and this link.

I hope everyone out there in the desert has the time of their life and gets back home safely!

12 Replies to “Go Kristian!”

  1. thanks so much for sharing SlowPops… just sent him a message…
    Hubby and i sat watching all the videos on YouTube last night…we are TOTALLY inspired… If i wasn’t so old lol, i’d be tempted to throw caution the wind and just go for it! Reminds me of hiking in Namibia and we LOVED IT!!!!!
    Thanks again… will be following him now!
    GO KRIS!!!!!

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    1. WOW… apologies. I’ve just read the comments. Humbled. I did get all the messages sent. Albeit they all come at once, on day 3. I was so very humbled reading them.
      For folks that actually don;t know me, as such, spent their time to give me good wishes says it all. You are all fabby folks.
      And, you’re never too old. The oldest chap doing the MdS this year was 74

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      1. Nah… it was only 32 degrees when we arrived. Race day 2 was a different story however! 54 degrees registered on course. That was a HOT day.
        It was 33 in the shade when I returned that day

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