I think my morning running routine might be broken. I will fix it asap.

Broken as well is either my watch or heart. According to my watch I reached a new HR max of 199 running 3:16 – all 10 seconds of it.

Well … I can explain! It was downhill on a sandy grassy coastal dune path and I tried to emulate Ben’s famous elevation charts. I still think my watch needs a software update as I don’t think I can actually have an HR that high … or run that fast.

To stick to today’s theme, check out what remains I found today:

Do you remember when I posted the ‘full’ bike? Not much is left … like with my fitness. Thankfully I know how to fix one of those things.

5 Replies to “Broken”

  1. You’re funny!!!
    lol yoikes! EVEREST!
    My heart rate was like that once, i went home and was like ‘f*********K I’m DyyyyyyyyyYING!!!”… hubby put a new battery in my chest strap, et voila! sorted!
    I need to do some hills, its been a while… I do like them! And the views are usually worth it!

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