After the break

I didn’t run past week. No particular reason, but work … Fortunately this is the last week of that kind of schedule.

Got the chance to head out for a quick run today. A little too late for dawn. The sun was already up. 

I’m dreaming of my hill. I hope I still recognise the forest around there… wonder how it looks now … wonder if my legs can still take me there. I will find out soon.

8 Replies to “After the break”

  1. YAY! and today I am going to JOIN YOU! I am NOT going to the gym to do my C25K today… I am gong to hit the trail and just see how it goes… a bit nervous going on my own… but its what I need. x SlowSolitude!

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  2. I reckon you’ll be surprised at how the fitness remains! First few miles its like “ooooh wow that aches a bit” and then you’ll be like “woooooo look at me go!” (Warning: actual emotions may or may not differ to those advertised in this post)

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