So …

… today I didn’t really feel like heading out. I had to use my typical tricks to get me out there. That is to at least put on the gear … step out the door. I can then turn back and head back if I do only that.

Of course I didn’t head back in and it wasn’t that cruel out there.

I did just a really quick one, but it was enough to lift my mood and I am hopeful it will get me through the day. 

Soon April will be here … just 2 more weeks of crazy projects and hopefully by then I can go back to a sort of normal run/eat/work/play routine. I have so much running to catch up to … my favorite hill is just a faint memory from winter and it must be looking gorgeous up there.
Btw. the pebbles have not disappeared this time around and there are only rare patches of sand. Maybe that will change as well in April.

6 Replies to “So …”

  1. Young SRG, I know how you feel, quod I presumptuously, I’ve been running all winter, but yesterday, it was below 20F here and humid! Which I thought was theoreticallly impossible, so I ran the weird indoor, old, dimly-lit, creepy 1920’s University track. Not as photogenic as your running Route.

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