Slow meets Fox at dawn

Like a moth to a flame, I got drawn to the beach at first light.

I know … I’ve been singing the ‘mimimi it’s high tide pebbles are hard’ song all week, so let’s get down to business:

There we go. You got your fix. What now?

High tide means I can’t access the stairs of hell from my beach and I have to resort to running up the road.

Truth be told … the road is nothing but spectacular as well, both in elevation and sights.

It was on the top of the hill where I met the fox. It was an old one, older than the usual suspects. Of course I was too slow to take a photo … and so I took a quick one of my beloved Dalkey Island. You can just see it on the left behind the trees:

Enjoy your day!

11 Replies to “Slow meets Fox at dawn”

  1. You seem to get a beautiful sunrise every single day! Wily Mr Fox – Goddam wildlife is always too quick for photos, I keep trying to catch an little egret but it’s too quick for me.

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