After the break

I didn’t run past week. No particular reason, but work … Fortunately this is the last week of that kind of schedule.

Got the chance to head out for a quick run today. A little too late for dawn. The sun was already up. 

I’m dreaming of my hill. I hope I still recognise the forest around there… wonder how it looks now … wonder if my legs can still take me there. I will find out soon.

Spoiler: no sun today

Hi Guys,

I am almost excited that I can post different pics today. No sunrise action, but check out my action photography skills I tried on those birds:

Yeah I know I’ll work on it.

I ran down the beach, crawled up the stairs of hell and took this midway, just to have an excuse to catch some air.

You can not only see Bray Head, Sugar loaf, the moon, but if you honed your spotting skills over winter also 2 photographers desperately trying to conjure up a beautiful sunrise.

Can you see them?

I saw 3 photographers today … no sunrise. I should have told them that I hold the trademark for epic sunrise pics on MY beach 😄 

So …

… today I didn’t really feel like heading out. I had to use my typical tricks to get me out there. That is to at least put on the gear … step out the door. I can then turn back and head back if I do only that.

Of course I didn’t head back in and it wasn’t that cruel out there.

I did just a really quick one, but it was enough to lift my mood and I am hopeful it will get me through the day. 

Soon April will be here … just 2 more weeks of crazy projects and hopefully by then I can go back to a sort of normal run/eat/work/play routine. I have so much running to catch up to … my favorite hill is just a faint memory from winter and it must be looking gorgeous up there.
Btw. the pebbles have not disappeared this time around and there are only rare patches of sand. Maybe that will change as well in April.

I know … it is getting ridiculous…

It really is getting ridiculous how awesome my morning runs are at the moment. Well the scenery at least, not my pace. 

It was the lowest of lowest tides.

The sea was very quiet. You usually don’t see those stones. Notice the strategic placement of Dalkey Island, so you know whereabouts we are.

Mmmmm … let’s take in a moment of calm … and look at the soft soft sand!

Oh check it out the cave is open!

Ok … back to business … literally. On my way back to get work started the sun finally decided to take a peak and was rising all the way, while I was pebbling back.

I also came across a total of 4 other runners on my way back. Seems words has spread that spring has arrived.

Enjoy your day!

Oh the Joy!

Sometimes you just know it will be an awesome run. The moment I stepped out the door I realized, today would be one of those. 

The moon greeted me.

The sea was in parts lighter than the sky.

Of course I went up the stairs of hell. This photo reflects how I felt half way up:

I did continue up as I was on a mission.

Up and up and through the magic woods:

My mission was to see Dublin and Howth from the top of the hill. I got distracted by the moon.

And the mountains …

Oh I could spend all day up there …

Thankfully the way down is a whole lot of fun. 

Enjoy your day!