I tried to run fast today … for 12 minutes … I don’t think I like it. Can’t imagine how others are ticking away at or even under 6 min/km and find it easy.

Lucky me this was I think the only speedtest on my plan and I can now go back to pebbling at a slow pace. 

Colors? Just fabulous today. 

Here is one for the grass in front of sunrise fans:

One more:

Now back across the pebbles … and some wave watching as a cool down. Some do yoga and meditation, I watch the waves.

Love myself some high tide lately, who would have thought?

Enjoy yourself!

26 Replies to “Speed”

      1. I LOVE running now. Hated it to start as I felt slow. I was ‘unfit’ etc etc but now…I just like to run and get ‘restless’ if I don’t.
        Speed has it’s place but as you say, it’s relative.
        Just enjoy the journey πŸ™‚

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  1. Second that. Pace is all relative. Number one for me is “is this enjoyable”. There are a few exceptions to that general rule, such as speed and hill work whilst training for a race, and perhaps the race itself. Apart from that, it should be enjoyable. My cruising pace is about 5.45-ish but to some that’s too slow. To others, too fast. Oddly enough, for me, it feels about right πŸ˜‰ And lately I’ve been going slower; again, for training purposes. I suspect most runners would benefit from some speed work, at least once a week. But then that argument could be applied across the board: we could all be ‘better’ at the things we do, but sometimes trying to be ‘better’ takes the fun out of it. Where work is concerned, I always try to be better, but then I need to be good at that as there are people depending on me. With running – that’s my thing, my escape. If I was under pressure to run in a certain way, at a certain time or pace… I suspect I’d fall out of love with it pretty quickly.

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  2. Again, beautiful pictures, loved all of them.
    Running and running fast are two different things in my perspective. If you are having fun, either or both of them are good. “Too much too soon” leads to injury, however, running fast once in a while is breath-taking in its own sense. I long to feel that sensation when you are panting, out of breath and your thighs feel stressed but your mind keeps pushing you forward. In a sense, it is meditative and it takes the “spirit” inside you to keep you going. On the other hand, if you are running slowly, you can observe the things around you (like you watched people meditating), fast runners don’t get to enjoy the outer world as much πŸ˜€ I have written these posts from my personal experience which you might find intriguing:
    Keep running, keep writing!

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  3. SRG! You are awesome! I totally heart you! Thanks for all the likes on my site! I find I have to very consciously run for speed from the first step and watch the clock very closely. If I run hard but casually it can be as slow as a 13:00 mile. To run for speed I have to run like Secretariat being pursued like the hounds of hades and fabulous, shocking Yog Sothoth just to break a 9:00 mile and I’m tall and 13% bodyfat, so I’m like what do I have to do to be fast? No clue…

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    1. Hahaha! Thanks for stopping by. The picture you paint seems like a good description of speed πŸ˜‚
      Though last week I realized I can also run really fast when I forgot put the trash bin on the street and am chasing the truck that collects them.


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