The sky was clear and the air crisp.

The path was full of icy patches and even the birds got their fair share.

After 10 comfortable kilometres I passed by the sea.

I feel like I’m getting back my fitness as well as my pace. 

In the next months I will have to put a lot of time in my business and so I decided to adjust my running accordingly. I will still run 6 times per week, but probably not more than up and down the beach in the morning or more than one hour. On the weekend up to 1.5 hours. I feel this will give me the energy to do all the work and still have fun and get rid of stress. I will do 80/20 and work on my cadence. I tested it this week and love it.

This should also slowly increase my pace and once I am done with all the work in April I can increase duration again. If all works out I get to enjoy a fabulous running summer with loads of time on my hand for adventures.

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