Wind Sprints

Today my new coach Dr. Met Éireann put wind sprints on my plan:


With the wind in my back, glasses safely tucked away in my rain gear, I was flying blind along the coastal path. Can you believe I managed to run up to  a 4:13 min/km?


The sea was loud and powerful – I was completely soaked and loaded with dopamine.


When I realized just how powerful the wind was, I decided I leave on a high note and went back home. Do you see the tree and railing that got ripped out?


I’ve had so much fun today, it’s ridiculous! But you know what? Around every corner there might be that awesome run hiding … the one where the wind blows in the right direction, you enjoy every puddle you step into and laugh at cars that soak you. I certainly didn’t expect this when I convinced myself to head out today.

10 Replies to “Wind Sprints”

  1. Yay!!!! Brave mad girl!!!! Although don’t send Dr Mets epic wind this way please…. I have a 5km VR to do before Tuesday and still feeling like a truck hit me… 😂 need fine weather to get me out!

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