First day back  “at work”. I started my day with a short 30 minute run, or better slog. I’m so glad I am back into my routine!

Thinking of this routine, the last days of my vacation were spent couch surfing and it was great. Glad it’s over though and I am looking forward to a couple of new projects coming up, as well as getting back into daily running.

Plan for now is to use the rest of January to get back up to my small run being 45 minutes.

No photo today, it was way too early, dark, rainy and you guys catch me too easily if I just post a photoshopped gradient!

12 Replies to “Routine”

      1. One or two days of snow is a fun novelty!its due here too, but I’m travellihng so I hope I don’t get stuck anywhere! I think that running on the beach in the snow could be a positive experience!!

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