Sometimes I have to pull all the tricks out of my running hat to get out the door. Today was such a day. Still on vacation I could spent all day in bed under warm blankets, hoping that the cats would suddenly realize that this is where they are supposed to live.
It was still cold out there … well cold for Ireland at least. Sometimes though something is better than nothing and I knew I had to get at least some running done. I decided to replace words while discussing with myself, if I would get out there or not. The words “cold”, “freezing” etc. were to be replaced by “magic” and the word “but” with “and”. So my inner dialog went something like this:
“I should really get out before the sun rises … AND it’s MAGIC.”
“I’d feel better after my run … AND my toes will be MAGIC out there.”

In the end the game was so silly, I found myself just putting on my running clothes and heading out there. I’m glad I did, as the MAGIC wasn’t as bad under all those layers and the sunrise was just breathtaking.

This was in stark contrast to my running, which was all easy and only 50 minutes. Though something is better than nothing and my warm blanket is still here.

For future reference, this is what waits outside. Surely I never want to miss this! Look at the pebbles.


Hard to run on, forcing quick steps and making jazzy noise to fit the sound of the waves. The waves were subtle today. At the end of the beach, the pebbles make room for more sand to run on.


I love this last picture. I took it at the end of my run. wp-1483436376465.jpg

If you zoom in you can see a bird, bathing in the first sunlight. I love how calm and clear the sea is, you can see the pebbles on the right and reflections of the sunrise on the left.

14 Replies to “Magic”

  1. My New Years (non running) is to have more discipline. I so admire the fact that on a VACATION day you can get up before sunrise to run. I would be so tempted to say ‘hey I’m on holiday I’ll go later’ . However, I do like your game of replacing the unpleasant words with something like ‘magic’. I’m going to try it tomorrow 😊😊

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  2. Good on you for making the effort it’s always worth it – says he who never gets up early to run. I think if the sun rose over the beach I’d have more motivation … nah just kidding I’m a sloth! Beautiful!

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