Finally I managed to capture another sunrise. With clouds and all that.

Weather was perfect. Didn’t go for too long today. Not sure why, but just didn’t feel like it, so I decided to not force it. 

I am contemplating what to do with the rest of the year. I might want to run the distance of a half. Just to see how long it will take me and have a base point to improve upon. The distance shouldn’t be a problem, but I am worried about the surface … I do love the idea to at least be able to run home … that includes roads.


  1. Beautiful photo, I was still in bed! Get on Google maps and work out a route taking you 6 or 7 miles and just head home on a similar path. Preferably downhill for the last bit tho 😉

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  2. I agree with Gareth, just under 7miles out, then back again, plan your uphill on the way out, downhill back, or find a flat route. Walking parts f it before hand helps with planning too, so though I might not go for a 13 mile walk just to plan (though I would with a friend) I might drive to somewhere 4 miles away and do a 6 mile walk just to get the lie of the land.
    Sometimes the planning and anticipation are just as much fun!

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    1. That could work as well … I could make sure to only buy a one way ticket, ride 14 miles, then I am forced to run all the wa home.. It ends with a big hill and worst case I can role into the sea for an ice bath.

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