92 minutes, a scary leaf and running with the birds

It was not raining. Not a drop in sight! The moon lit the streets nicely, but I had to switch on my headlamp in the darker sections that were covered by trees.

There is something wrong with my depth perception when wearing it and I still get spooked by little things. Today a leaf came at me out of nothing and nearly caused a heart attack. Still better than flying blind though.

After 10 slow kilometers through the park in the dark I arrived at my beach just when the first light set in.

Can you see the birds? When the wind is like today I’m almost as fast as them.

6 Replies to “92 minutes, a scary leaf and running with the birds”

  1. I am like you, everything scares me, I misjudged the time on one of my runs and ended up the last mile and a half on an unlit country road with no torch…I’m scared in the dark and convinced myself that the bogeyman was chasing me fastest mile I ever ran.


  2. When things fly at you out of the dark it really does make you jump doesnt it. I got hit in the face by what I think may have been a bumblebat the other night. Whirred right into my cheek and scared the life out of me!

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