A new route

After not running for 4 days, due to no particular reason other than loads of work, I had enough today and went out quite early. I was looking for a new route I can do for my medium runs.

I wanted a route that forced me to start slow and that is easily done by including a hill that reminds me of it every couple of hundred meters:


I know that if I don’t take it slow in the beginning I end up utterly wasted like this fellow:wp-1481445569476.jpg

A good route also includes castles …


Grass fields I can run on with  the city in the background waking up. Which I can’t look at cause I would fall on my nose (not that this ever happened!)

wp-1481445656329.jpg Did I already mention castles?


Of course, not to be missed, a lighthouse, a harbor, a medieval church and coastal defense towers. wp-1481445797014.jpg

The route then has to include another hill climb to appreciate the sunrise over the sea.


It ends with pebble hopping on the beach to make my feet happy.



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