Base Building

Here I am again in my recovery week. Yesterday full rest and today just up and down the beach. 

I’ve looked at Lydiard’s plans and am getting closer to the decision what to do next. Some questions in my head right now are: do I need a race to keep me motivated or might it just be a distance or adventure I could set my sights on for next year? What’s important in the long run (pun intended)?

I come back again and again to base building. This is the important part. I have found a wonderful structure that works for me and maybe I just need to stick to it? I enjoy running, I am injury free, haven’t caught a cold or flu and am improving. Why look for more and risk it? Why not stay patient a bit longer and see where the road initially taken will lead me? It’s not that I am not having fun. On Saturday I blasted down a hill and my legs are fine. I can try run up stairs and power myself out without worrying about soreness. In business, if all runs well and the metrics are improving I wouldn’t pivot either …

Until I have found answers I just stick with what I am doing. How about you? Any big plans you are tossing around in your head for next year?

18 Replies to “Base Building”

  1. Sadly I have come down with a chest infection -unusual for me so yesterday and today will be rest. Although I had increased my mileage a bit last week it was all MAF pace and stress free. I think it might be the fact that I felt quite hot, so being in the garage (which is outdoor temperature but no wind) I took my top off, and I was in that funny situation of feeling hot inside but skin chilled? When I finished I just put my top on went in the house whereas normally I’d have had a hot bath. I’m hoping that it will clear enough to get back running (or at least a 5k walk) by Thursday. So my plan for now is month by month goals, so for December I’d like to build up my MAF base a bit more by doing 10 -14 miles per week and probably the same for January!


  2. A firm foundation is what allows the goals built upon them to be reached! Looks like you’ve got it, so keep it going. When you feel stuck, that’s the time to make some changes.
    My goals involve a healthy back-to-back in April, so right now I just want to build up a strong base, slowly.
    Short term though, a race next weekend and one at the end of the month are making me get some speed work in. 🙂


      1. Well, it’s not an event, it two races I’m putting back to back… and more like within a week versus the same weekend. I’m doing a night marathon right before Easter, and still deciding on the Rotterdam Marathon or a Darß Marathon…


  3. I am in awe of your endurance both in fitness and health! Just WOW!

    Only you know what the next step is or could be i think. If you had a coach?

    I think, in your head, you already know what it is that you want to do, you just have to verbalise it… Verbalising it makes it REAL… GO for it poppie! Be brave… its a big step but only one you can decided to make.

    🙂 keep having fun and loving it!


  4. My human keeps asking me that question! What should I do next? I tell him: catch the red dot!! Chase the tail! Knock everything off the table!!
    Silly humans.


  5. For me – I want to see what I can do to minimize the negative effects of running. Such as DOMS, stiffness, small pains in various joints and muscles etc.

    I want to try out different techniques such as strength training or testing downhill and uphill running and see how the body reacts. Then I’ll be more comfortable in increasing volume.

    Happy base building !


  6. Do whatever makes you happy! You’ve never (since I’ve known you at least) seemed that interested in races but rather doing it purely for yourself. Ask yourself what has changed? Whatever the answer is will guide you. I’ve made plans for longer races “to see if I can” and for the ultra hopefully will raise a little bit of money for a local school (Havent thought this bit through)

    Is “to see if I can” a good reason – some might say no. But to me its a good enough reason to put myself through the training and the actual run.Plus of course I just enjoy being out and running!

    So after all that typing – Do whatever floats your personal boat!


      1. Thats it! I think theres no point in you doing a half now. Plus they seem to be far more impersonal (he said with all of 3 of them) So if you do a race then maybe an “event” like that vegan run? Likeminded people and all that


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