Pebble Hopping Championship

Not sure if you remember last year, but I was the winner of the Irish Pebble Hopping Championship. Probably because there is no such thing and because I was the only one to turn up.

I am training again for it this year with some solid kms on my local pebbles, today 50 minutes of it.

Worth the view:

Are you having fun as well?

15 Replies to “Pebble Hopping Championship”

  1. Is pebble hopping the same as rock hopping only a dfferent classification. Like they have in kayaking and things like that? If so pebbles can be P1 and rocks could be R1. We could be champions!?


  2. I tried WALKING on pebbles on holiday and it was really hard work! Yes I’m having fun thanks – in the garage with buddy😊 Sometimes I just don’t want to stop!


      1. Definitely a worthwhile investment! I thought that being in the garage might put me off but it’s OK – no one bothers me in there!


      2. Mmm! was thinking about following up my last blog with one on personality! I realised that actually I quite like running in the garage because I am completely alone! No one to see me or judge me. i know that for some people it would be the end of their running if they had to do it that way😊😊


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