You have to experience it

I got started later than usual today and it was already dawn when I headed out. What happens in the early morning hours during winter has to be experienced live. It is hard to capture, both in pictures or words. It had 0 Degree when I headed out and there, again, was no wind or cloud. The leaves are still on the ground and frost with the first soft light makes them glitter. The grass is nice and frozen – perfect for running.

wp-1480584950913.jpg wp-1480584998775.jpg

Did 10k today, nice and slow. I also got to test out my new insoles I got for my gloves and really like it so far! After having read “Fixing your feet” I’ve become much more aware of all the options and been testing different ways to lace my shoes. I might have mentioned it before, all the running definitely makes me more aware of taking care of my feet and they’ve gotten much more picky in what socks they like and what care they need. Today my feet felt quite happy during the run and maybe the insoles even prolong the time I can spend with my gloves.

6 Replies to “You have to experience it”

  1. Our feet carry us for many miles, so it pays to be good for them! Cold is ok when it’s sunny & not windy. And I’ll take cold over heat, although I still prefer running when I don’t need to be all bundled up!


  2. Hey!
    How is it going?:)
    It already sounds cold where you are, I am not looking forward to our cold weather here in Ohio yet. I do horribly running in the cold weather, so thankfully, I will probably spend my time in the gym rather outside when it becomes too hard to bare. Good job with running your 10k 🙂



      1. Haha, I don’t think I will ever get used to cold weather, even when I resided in Colorado it was too much cold for me in the winter time. I need some warmth 🙂 at least a touch of warmth to run properly.
        Also, no problem, enjoy reading your post


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