Minus One? Bring it on!

Today I wanted to run again. I checked the temperature and it said -1 Celsius. “Bring it on” I thought, added a couple of layers including my “wind shield jacket”, grabbed my headlamp and headed out there. I found magic at the park. Never has my track looked as magical! So I left it alone …


Found fog lingering around the river.


Despite a PR for 10k (1:17:something thanks for asking) I missed the sunrise at the beach and got there when it was already up.


Loved today’s run and now I gotta catch up with loads of work, but I surely have the energy now.

7 Replies to “Minus One? Bring it on!”

  1. We had an early appointment this morning so no run for me- it wa beautiful outside though- I admired if from the car – minus 7 !! Loving your 10k PB- same as mine from 2yrs ago, not sure if I could do it now 😆 but I’m hoping my winter base building will get me back there and better for next year.


      1. I think that more than an hour per day is a considerable amount of work and dconsistency! – and that’s a fantastic MAF PR!i think that I’m seeing an improvement already with just half an hour each day- but it could be that treadmill running is a alot easier!


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