… and then it became pleasant

No run yesterday, but loads of work. Today I tried to find a possible excuse to not go run …

Weather? Not even ‘real feel’ was below 0°. No rain in sight … and not even the wind was playing along.

Stress level? All green … resting HR in the low.

TrainingPeaks to the rescue?! Not a chance … Form super high and fitness falling …

So I had to get out. It took me over 1 hour to get into it, but then it finally clicked and it was smooth sailing from then on. Even finished at the sea which was just spectacular.

1.5 hours easy running done and finally I am in a good mood again. 

8 Replies to “… and then it became pleasant”

  1. Loving those waves. I’ve come to the realisation that I only want to run when I don’t feel constrained by time limits. Ie Darkness or work. Fitting in longer runs with freedom is much harder in winter =(


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