Half is better than nothing

It started out fine … I left the house, walked up my hill and started running. Wearing my headlamp and feeling cozy due to my nice lovely thick running sweater. No clouds were promising a beautiful sunrise …


Then the rain started … it soaked my sweater full of water, my glasses were unusable and as I took them off I promptly step into a puddle.

Gear failure par exemple. At least I made the right decision to turn around and head home which made my 100 minute planned run into a 50 minute run. Note to self: Don’t trust polls or weather apps!

11 Replies to “Half is better than nothing”

    1. Hahaha! I was just about to trust my app saying ‘real feel is -7°C’. Maybe I wait a bit longer under all those blankets and with a warm cuppa! But maybe it’s lying and it’s spring out there.


      1. If your app is THAT bad I suggest that you get a new one!if you can bear to get out of bed- which I know you always do, a look out of the window usually tells you everything!


  1. I never run in anything that can absorb water (or i’d drown in my own sweat (hows that for possibly the most unattractive thought of the week)) even socks! No cotton anywhere! Can’t help with glasses but could you try a visor pulled down low – You’d look damn cool with a sun visor on at dawn!


  2. Urgh. I hate when wardrobe choices nip me in the bud… and I hate rain coming in the middle of a run, especially if it’s cold and I’m miserable anyway. If I’m prepared, not problem.
    Still, half is awesome! Twice as much just would have been twice as good. 🙂


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