SRG’s 100s

My marathoning friends will know workouts like Yasso’s 800s. If you don’t check it out, it’s supposed to predict your marathon times. I’ve never done it, so if you did let me know what you think of it and if it works for you.

I don’t do structured runs like that. I don’t care what my marathon time could be. Right now – I really can’t think of anything more unattractive than running over 26 miles with loads of people on pavement. I just want to run as much as I can while I enjoy it and become fitter. One day this will lead me to test my limits, but not yet. So what about people like me? We don’t have workouts like Yasso’s 800. I’m about to change this!

With my newly invented SRG’s 100s! How does it work? Well I’m glad you asked. You head out in the very early morning, full moon is best. You warm-up by walking up a hill for 10-15 minutes. Then you start running – very slowly – as slow as you can actually. You will keep doing this for 50 minutes, running in one direction. Imagine that you don’t really run, but the earth is moving below you. All you have to do is lean slightly forward and move your feet so you don’t get left behind. You might loose time and direction, get into a state of flow, but just keep going – this lost in thoughts feeling is just what we are looking for. You might notice things you never did before. Dogs having the time of their life and birds watching the sunrise:


After 50 minutes you turn around and run back. Mix up the surface. Parks are great as you can always misuse any soccer fields for a bit of spring in your step. Bonus points if you can end your run at the sea.


Do this 2 times per week in additions to SRG’s 3×50’s and 1×150’s.

What’s the result? Why should I do it? Will it work for me?

I have no idea! I’m not a coach and hope you don’t take me serious. I just had a fantastic run and the above is what I did. It restored my sanity and I now feel a bit more hopeful about the future. I also got a new 10k PR while running at my max aerobic HR of 1:22.

11 Replies to “SRG’s 100s”

  1. I like your idea over the Yasso 800s, though I will admit I have tried them in a couple marathon cycles and they are tough, but only a part of the overall training puzzle, so the prediction factor will only work if you do all the other runs…tempo, long distance, recovery etc. I like the idea of the SRGs better and have been more aligned with that technique in this latest go around, which ironically, will end at the Route 66 marathon this weekend in Tulsa, which of course is attended by Bart Yasso himself…there’s a point there somewhere I think, maybe!


      1. Bart’s girlfriend was actually on the blogger panel with us, and Bart was up talking right before us at the expo, but I didn’t even think about getting a selfie with him this time. There was just so much going on!! Besides, I like SRG 100s way better than the Yasso’s, 😀


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