SRG Service restored

Good morning Guys!

I’m hoping I’m back to my sort of normal self, though I’m still digesting last weeks news and catch myself getting mad when the telly is switched on. Such crazy time we live in …

Now let’s get back to business. Weather is warm – I mean “ditch the long sleeve” warm. How did I make it up the hill and stair-master of hell today … no idea. I was definitely walking trying to keep my heart rate from exploding.


I enjoyed the 50 minutes I spent out there today. Was really disciplined in the beginning and started slowly, but I must have messed things up on the stairs as my HR was all over the place from then on.

This week I will try and get a “full” 50/100/150 week done. The week after I will probably reduce it to 45/90/135 and then do another 50/100/150. I think trying to do 3 last time was a bit much and with the long duration I need to increase more slowly. If I get to a place where I can do a 50/100/150 and it feels normal, I’d be really pleased. Right now a 2 hour run feels short – 2.5 feels long … all of this doesn’t make any sense and that’s ok, but I am thinking I just need to get used to it. Probably more in my head than anything else. I also need to ensure extra good fueling if I have a “big” week. To be honest, I really liked recovery week and not having to eat as much. Maybe this is also something I need to get used to.

So to sum up today’s report: It’s really warm – ditch the layers and get out there (slowly)!

Oh and last but not least, in case you aren’t yet following Kristian – you should! He will be doing the MdS this year and has been writing on how he prepares for it, his races and thoughts on training. Next to showing off Scotland’s beauty through his photos, his blog provides a nice contrast to my slowblog. He is exactly twice as fast as myself (he’s gotten faster than that .. but I’m still hopeful I catch up again) and casually runs a half home from work. Now is the perfect time to follow him and get all in on the buzz that is the Marathon de Sables.

9 Replies to “SRG Service restored”

  1. I’ve avoided the news for the same reason. It’s just all too depressing to contemplate and it just makes me angey, not as angry as brexit but close.

    Anyway good to see you back out there and thanks for the link to Kristian – have followed and will read with interest!


  2. Awww shucks. I’m blushing. Thank you!
    I’m sure you’ll catch up for sure, without your heart rate exploding too.
    BTW: I knew from my HR on one of my runs that I’ve been tired, lethargic and just a bit under the weather. you know you know it but try and put it to the back of your mind and just get on with the running type thing?
    Well, my HR hit 198 on a run recently. That showed me that I did indeed have a virus and I really should’ve been taking it easier than I did.
    I’ll be checking my HR a little more often through the winter months, just in case.
    Again, thanks for the shout out. Appreciated. x


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