0 °C

Today’s run was brilliant. I was better prepared as I had doubled up! Double socks, double pants … adding layers wherever I could. When I left the house I was looking more like a bank robber, than a runner.

I was treated with a nice sunrise:


After around 20 minutes my fingers woke up, good that I was hiding them in gloves until then! In the end it was quite warm, though my phone now shows -1 °C … go figure!

Just a short 35 minute run as it is recovery week. I know … I’m going from “do whatever you feel like week” to recovery week. Oh well … whatever it takes to keep me ticking and be motivated enough to get out again, despite the cold.

10 Replies to “0 °C”

  1. haaa ha haaa ha haaa! can just picture you all doubled up… bankrobbering around the beach at dawn! i wish i could draw cartoons, i have such a clear pic in my mind! I guess thats why i more a design director… *lol*
    NICE pic! hope you’ve thawed out! xxx


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