“Don’t go out there … seriously! It’s freezing. It’s cold. Your nose will want it’s own fake fur coat!”

I wish someone would have told me that when I headed out today in search for some trail magic.

wp-1478340320504.jpg wp-1478340381620.jpg

I found the trail magic … I also found it terrifyingly cold, especially when heading back from the train station all soaked wet from a quick 2 hour run. An icy wind blowing through my bones.

I hope you excuse me while I hide the rest of the weekend under layers of cats and blankets with the occasional food break.

21 Replies to “FrozenRunnerGirl”

  1. Pops I woke up it was sunny, looked at my phone… ‘FEELS like 2°C’ parkrun didn’t even smell me… I’m with you… blankies, cats and food!!!! Je suits MdmHibernate!


  2. At least you did it! Yay! I like my ‘buff’ in the cold weather. I can pull it over my nose if it’s cold or lashing with rain and when I get too hot put it in my pocket or shove it in my waistband. Enjoy your snuggly weekend!


      1. Sometimes it’s just hard to tell exactly what it’s like out there! It’s only been over the last year that I have started to equate the temperature on my app with how it feels!! So yes 6* is cold whereas 11* is ok …. etc!


      2. Hahaha. I like your thinking. I had learned 4° means no gloves hat etc. But temp dropped as soon as I was at the train station! I have to add a range filter in my head!


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