New Slow Run PR

This week I just do what I feel like, while making sure I eat enough and it’s working. Today I ended up on my little dirt track, which turns out I love running on when it’s dark.

It netted me a new slow running PR! I can now run a 5 k in 38:54 at an average heart rate of 142! Garmin shows my average pace for this run at 7:55 min/km.


Today was just a bit over one hour and I really like the fact that my watch now showed a 7 in front of my pace pretty much the whole time. I was a bit worried after Saturday’s “run”, but it looks like I’m OK!


      1. In which case we’re both slow! All my runs come in around that in the end even if I run along at 8 or 9 for a lot of them. Maybe cos I stop a lot to look around and take photos but so do you! (Ps Guess what WP broken again, shall I just stop mentioning it :p


      2. WP is crazy today … it’s madness! Glad you still found me. Don’t forget though I was on a track today … so add a minute for beach or trail. No photos as well! Still couldn’t chick you just yet 😣


  1. I’m curious to know what your resting and maximum heart rates are. When I started running my heart rate, even at very slow paces, always climbed up over 160 bpm. The highest I’ve ever seen it is in the mid-180s. I ran 5k today with a woman I’m coaching at an average pace of 7:13 min / km and my average heart rate was only 128 bpm. The slow running I did last year and in the spring of this year has had a tremendous effect on my running economy. Has your experience been similar?



    1. Hi Dave! My resting HR was 86 when I started and went down to 52 over the first months. I don’t know my max, but I think I saw 185 at some hike last year. When I started my HR was similar to yours initially … 165 was nothing for barely moving. I think I’m definitely improving technique as well. It’s now like second nature to be out there and run … can’t wait to see if I can improve further.



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