New Slow Run PR

This week I just do what I feel like, while making sure I eat enough and it’s working. Today I ended up on my little dirt track, which turns out I love running on when it’s dark.

It netted me a new slow running PR! I can now run a 5 k in 38:54 at an average heart rate of 142! Garmin shows my average pace for this run at 7:55 min/km.


Today was just a bit over one hour and I really like the fact that my watch now showed a 7 in front of my pace pretty much the whole time. I was a bit worried after Saturday’s “run”, but it looks like I’m OK!

12 Replies to “New Slow Run PR”

      1. In which case we’re both slow! All my runs come in around that in the end even if I run along at 8 or 9 for a lot of them. Maybe cos I stop a lot to look around and take photos but so do you! (Ps Guess what WP broken again, shall I just stop mentioning it :p


      2. WP is crazy today … it’s madness! Glad you still found me. Don’t forget though I was on a track today … so add a minute for beach or trail. No photos as well! Still couldn’t chick you just yet 😣


  1. I’m curious to know what your resting and maximum heart rates are. When I started running my heart rate, even at very slow paces, always climbed up over 160 bpm. The highest I’ve ever seen it is in the mid-180s. I ran 5k today with a woman I’m coaching at an average pace of 7:13 min / km and my average heart rate was only 128 bpm. The slow running I did last year and in the spring of this year has had a tremendous effect on my running economy. Has your experience been similar?


    1. Hi Dave! My resting HR was 86 when I started and went down to 52 over the first months. I don’t know my max, but I think I saw 185 at some hike last year. When I started my HR was similar to yours initially … 165 was nothing for barely moving. I think I’m definitely improving technique as well. It’s now like second nature to be out there and run … can’t wait to see if I can improve further.


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