Winter? I’m ready!

Today before heading out I checked temperatures and surely, it had not changed over night. It showed 2 degree Celsius. That is arctic temperatures right there in Ireland! But fear not my friend, I came prepared!

With a neck warmer, gloves and several different layers, perfected over last winter, I threw everything at the cold that I could get my hands on. I arrived just in time for sunrise action to start.


In contrast to last winter I also now own new shoes that are somewhat water resistant and therefore I dared to venture south!


I had a marvelous time running and slopping across rocks. Did another easy day, this time 50 minutes. So if you haven’t already … get your winter gear out – it might come and surprise you and you better be prepared!

21 Replies to “Winter? I’m ready!”

  1. OMG! i got home last night FROZEN! i then proceeded to eat 4 GingerStem biscuits and a cup of coffee… felt as guilty as HELL… didn’t feel like a run, so didn’t ‘dress’ but went for a walk… HOLY M O G!!!! it was cold! i has so underestimated the drop in temps…
    So today i have come prepared… off to do a long NW with Cherry after work, gloves, wind proof headband, neck warmer, winter leggings and jacket packed! All that is missing is Water Proof trainers… but have SealSkinz on order, hoping they will do the trick!
    Poppie, its gonna be a cold one… we can’t have had such a good summer and get away with a mild winter… can we? can we? *fingers crossed*


  2. Lovely sunrise pics๐Ÿ˜Š I almost felt guilty, but I’m not doing guilty any more – one makes choices and lives with the consequences. ๐Ÿค“ So I finished work early, came home got into running gear looked outside, sun is setting. Mmm procrastinating moment, checks phone, looks at blogs. Feels the ‘not guilty’ feeling reading about SRG’s run in the cold (I saw it- I had to defrost the car this morning) looks outside, not yet dark but phone app says the sun has gone down. So makes cup of tea. Treadmill in the garage it is. Novelty hasn’t worn off yet! Phew!


      1. Well … he could have a point ๐Ÿ˜ถ
        … meanwhile I have been entertaining myself with the idea of different lights on for different heartrate zones … an app and how to get the hr data to the light controller … we could do a red flashing light for too high heartrates … go from elven and fairy lights to pain cave … matching sounds of course …
        Muahahaha … back to work now though!


      2. You’ve written the manual already ? Don’t try to deny it – I know that you did it right after the patent application!!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Great pics. You are fortunate to be able to run in such an environment. I don’t mind running in the cold. My only problem is trying to keep the hands warm. Tried several different types of gloves. Not working. Now thinking give mittens a try.

    Stay warm.


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