Racing Weight

You might remember I posted some time ago about the book Racing Weight. It was recommended/reviewed by Mawil and it made absolute sense to me. Not so much that I need to achieve a certain weight to race better – I’m not racing – but that there is a perfect weight for me, I just have to let myself find it. I was getting a bit stressed because I was loosing and loosing (very slowly) … and you know people around, at a certain point, start raising concerns (i.e. mom saying “you can’t loose more weight”).  It’s the same with becoming vegan though. I learned about it, obsess about it, figure out how and what works for me and keep on top of the science and then I have the necessary arguments to convince others, that this is the best way for me. The ME part is especially critical.

With the weight – after reading the book – I relaxed about it. I think, as long as all I’m loosing is fat and building muscle, I’m OK. And to be honest, I feel better each day. I don’t think that is because of weight loss, but more because I am becoming fitter and healthier.

So how are things progressing or going now?

This I wrote in May this year:

When I re-started last year I was at 88 kg with a body fat % of 34.2 % and 32.2 % muscle. I am now at 28.1 % fat, 33.9% muscle and 71.6 kg.

Today I’m at 66.5 kg, 34.5 % muscle and 26.3 % body fat – my height is still 175 cm :D.

I’d happily take it and stay this way. I’d happily taken the stats from May and stayed that way as well.

There is one thing though … I’ve increased duration of my runs about 2 weeks ago. I don’t think I increased the amount of food I eat. I just eat as much as I can and want. Yesterday I had my first bad run in ages and I have the suspicion that lack of hydration could be the culprit, as well as not eating enough the day before. So it’s a good time to review and rethink my food intake. Usually, skipping a meal because of a stressful work event, wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t notice. Now it appears I do. So with all that rambling, what’s the point?

First of all – if you want to still lose weight – take it slow, run slow … generally slow down! Eat slow as well and let your body absorb more of the nutrients. I did learn that my insatiable hunger from before was mostly cause by the fact that my body didn’t get everything it needed. No wonder … I was living on a more or less processed chunk food like diet – at least if I compare it to now.

Another point is that if I increase the duration of my running, I need to make extra sure that I get enough fuel. Maybe it takes some time to adjust?

I think I found a way to sneak in more fuel, but I will experience with this over the next days, while I do some extra rest (think lazing on the sofa playing MMORPGs and reading books and blogs). My idea is to eat one piece of fruit after every meal (but evenings). If it’s an apple I can dip it into some nut butter. It worked at least for the duration of today. I’ve already had 2 meals and 2 kiwis!

Now with all that out of my way, if you can think of anything with tons of calories that is not sweet, plant-based, with loads of calories that I should try, let me know! Until then I try and think of ways to sneak in more calories in the roasted butternut squash soup I am planning on making today. Next to fruits after each meal, I could try and add a soup up front.

19 Replies to “Racing Weight”

  1. Congratulations on losing fat and gaining muscle! So much better than starvation diets where you lose weight but by losing muscle… Like you I have followed the slow running method for about 6 months. At last, after about 2or 3years of trying and recording, I am finally losing fat!! I think giving up refined sugar has helped too. Other benefits, not feeling cold all the time, not having energy slumps in the afternoon, not feeling hungry all the time!
    If you need more calories, adding coconut cream to your soups is good. Hugh fearnley wittingstall does a good sweet potato curry soup and the coconut really makes it😁


  2. Hi yes all the questions of nutrition come up when you increase your exercise amount and I think you are dealing with it very sensibly. I recently increased my exercise from two hours high impact cardio a week to 3 but I didn’t change how much I was eating. I do not want to lose weight as I already have loose skin at the top of my thighs where I have lost quite a lot of weight over the past few years.As I have an eating disorder and like being thin it is difficult for me to eat more although my main problem with my body is this loose skin which has come as a result of weight loss. I am now having an extra large meal every week so I have two large meals instead of one. I am also building up my muscles through exercise to combat the loose skin although I am fearful of my legs bulking up with the exercise. With the three times a week high impact I am now able to push myself harder in the classes as my fitness has improved which is great and I know yours has improved. I may need to eat more protein also to increase the muscle size. It is really a bit of a science how much to eat when you are exercising a lot and I wonder if we should go to nutritionists?


    1. Hi Caroline! Missed ya 😊
      I think everyBODY is different, so it’s a matter of figuring out what works for each of us individually. A nutritionist could be a good idea if they are really good. For me I think listening to my body and what it needs is key. At some point it didn’t want meat etc anymore so I gave in. Important is also imho that we relax about it and if we crave something eat it. I sometimes ignore this when business gets stressful … but I’m learning. Do you know a good nutritionist?


  3. First of all, congratulations on the weight loss and improved fitness!
    I tend to not do well with mass media conceptions of dieting, because of the adverts for losing a lot of weight in little time, and the idea that there is a weight one has to go for. However, thinking about diets in the sense of the select food one eats to continue living works for me. I also have always been intrigued by the idea of a weight at which the body is most efficient. I think that this weight happens naturally, but slowly… and only if one treats ones body right. One needs to do a bit of math to figure out how much the body needs, but if fed enough, it can learn to continue rising to challenges and keep getting stronger.
    Almond butter does the trick as far as being vegan and high calorie, but you already mentioned that so… avocado? Cocoa sans the added sugars and milk?
    Also… the body needs time to adjust to increased workload! I’m sure you’re adjusting and it will continue until 100 minutes is nothing. 🙂


    1. You write it always so well! I never “dieted” in the typical sense, not even at my highest weight – it just felt wrong. It’s about finding a sustainable way that’s just right for one’s body.
      Almond butter!!! I sometimes forget the best things … my store didn’t have it for a couple of weeks so I had to resort to peanut butter, but it’s just not the same – I should go and find me some and stock up. I get 2 avocados per week. Maybe I should go buy more, just love avocado in all forms. Thanks for reminding me! I love my blogging family 😀


  4. Eat more food girl. And sleep. Lots and lots of naps. If your food bowl is empty in the middle of the night, no problem just smack a human in the face and he”ll gI’ve you more food! True story! ~Koko.


    1. Initially and for those numbers I am using a really old scale. One I got for 20 german mark!!! ages ago when there was no Euro. I did get a new one recently. It’s from yunmai. Still adjusting to the differences there. I have the new one for over a month now and it shows the same loss/gain. It’s a bit weird as it show loads of data and shows that I have over 47% muscle. So I do prefer the old one if I compare my current stats to the old ones if that makes sense. However the new one shows exactly yhe same weight, so I yhink it is accurate, I just haven’t goþen used to the numbers. I got it from amazon and would get it again. It does bluetooth and has an app to save the data. Sometimes it needs a bit until it does connect though.


  5. I have read (and liked) a lot of Matt’s books.

    Weight loss is very individual, but your’e right, losing slowly (however frustrating) is the way to go. You’re much more likely to keep it off that way.


  6. Sergei! Ofc it makes me happy 😉 I ram some calories in just before bed by chucking a bowl of fruit together. Sliced apple, grapes, satsumas, rasins, grapes, strawberries, pears, banananananas – whatever i have and putting some milk in too.


  7. Congratulations on the weight loss. I completely understand how difficult it is. Nuts, seeds, beans, legumes all are great for you but higher on the calorie scale as well if that’s what you’re looking for. They also help keep you full.


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