Back to normal

After yesterday’s “warning” aka heart rate being off and my easy run not feeling easy, I made sure to fuel properly. fuel

Today in the morning my HRV (heart rate variability) was back to normal levels and my resting heart rate was ok as well. So I allowed myself to head out again for my – by now – “normal” 100 minute easy run.

It started on the illuminated streets. Yes the colors are real. I love this time in the year. I enjoy running through fallen leaves.


I ran extra slow today and it was easy again, I noticed how my batteries were being recharged and solved loads of problems in my head I had been working on over the past days.

My run ended at the beach with the tide in.


Also a big shout-out to James (Paula’s world famous marathon junkie husband), who finally met his own angel in the form of a WordPress happiness engineer and got his site unstuck as well! Check out his spotify marathon running playlist and follow his adventures, his site is finally working again!

10 Replies to “Back to normal”

    1. It will never allow comments via reader unless they are initiated I think. Now you should be able to respond here via reader though. Might have to move my blog back, but then it’s not an exclusive club like now πŸ˜„ right now only people that follow me are seeing my blurbs. My blogging family!


  1. I love running through heaps of leaves and kkicking up a storm! Favorite thing about the fall. I wonder if I should bring a handful of leaves in for koko and see what she does with them. 😊


  2. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. I think that you are right about nutrition. I was out running in the leaves under the street lamps last night so I appreciate your leaf picture. Just another special little runner thing!


      1. I think I’m learning that too. I’ve been eating well fo so long now – no sugar no processed foods- but last weekend we were busy and not at home so it was KFC Friday, McDonalds Saturday and an Italian restaurant on Sunday. All week I’ve been struggling to get back on track and today I feel fluey….. but a weekend at home should help.


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